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Syria army cuts off main rebel town in Ghouta as death toll tops 1000

fighters cut off a road linking Douma with the town of Harasta further west and also captured the town of Misraba,...

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At least 50 killed in Syria’s eastern Ghouta

A United Nations convoy delivered food and medicine to the town of Douma on Monday, but aid agencies say Syrian authorities blocked...

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U.N. Security Council Passes Syria Cease-Fire After Hundreds Killed In Bombing Siege

In the eastern suburbs of Damascus, a region called Eastern Ghouta, nearly 500 people have been killed in a deadly escalation by the Syrian...

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Syria war: 2,000 IS fighters still in Raqqa – US envoy

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have been gradually advancing on the city since November,...

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Explosion in Syria kills 50 militants

On Sunday, the cars, loaded with ammunition, went off near a gathering of Nusra militants, with no further information indicating whether...

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Russia warning as US threatens more Syria strikes

Russia and the United States have traded barbs at an ill-tempered emergency session of the UN Security Council called by Moscow...

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New Aleppo ceasefire allows Syrian civilians to evacuate, rebels say

Under the terms of the deal, confirmed by two rebel officials, a ceasefire was expected to go into effect half an hour before midnight Aleppo time...

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Iran-backed militias block Aleppo evacuation as shelling resumes

Iran-backed militias are preventing civilians and opposition fighters from leaving the besieged districts of east Aleppo as Russia struggles...

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Aleppo: Reports of executions as Syrian army closes in

A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said he had been told that 82 civilians, including women and children,...

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Syrian Rebels Tell US They Won’t Leave Aleppo

The US officials had asked the rebels "do you want to leave, (or) do you want to be steadfast", Malahifji said. "They listened to the response and did not comment,...